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Stong head winds and Thanks Giving Dinner.

Nambia, Keetmanshoop
Przejechano 981 km

Getting to Ketmmanshop from Grunau was a bit of a hassle.
After packing the camp up in Grunau I hit the road quite early. Within good time I passed through the mountains and some nice forest and then descended to the extensive plateau all the way to Ketmmanshop. It wasa really hot day. I got dehydrated fast and rehydrated from time to time purely by luck. Once even I had to flag a car to ask for water. It wouldn't have been so bad if the head wind wasn't so strong!!
The last 30 km was just a fight! 10km/h average speeds and a hot wind that just dries you up like a raisin. Up hill, up wind, up to hell!
I got to town looking similar to how I felt! The salt marks on my shirt indicated just how much water I had just sweated out.
Mentally too I was pushed to my limits. I was at the point of being extremely annoyed about the intense winds! If anybody had been silly enough to get in the way of me and my food that day there would have been trouble!!
After filling up my stomach with food and fluid at the local petrol station I started to feel a little better. At least the petrol station was free of the usual beggars who are constantly trying to get me to give them what I don't have to give!!!
Just as it just got dark and with 150 km on my cyclo-watch I had managed to fill up my water in all my water bottles and found a place to lay my weary head. No fences this time at least!

The next day I decided to use the internet which was available in the library for only 2 hours each day, and enjoy a day off with good food and a book on my knees.
I had an amazing stroke ofluck because I met some Peace Corps Volunteers mainly from the USA who invited me for Thanksgiving Dinner.
Absolutely awesome!! Nice people, good food, friendly conversation and a badly needed shower!!
Almost the perfect day off! The dinner was a feast. Thanks to PCV!!! One of them was also a cycling mechanic and he showed me how to fix my buckled wheel, although later on I found out that I didn't pick up on his instructions well enough!
Brad, one of the PCV told me a lot about Namibia, which I hadn't really read much about before due to a lack of time in Cape Town.
After talking with him it really confirmed my decision to abandon the idea of chasing the Afryka Nowaka expediton.
So from now on I am going to relax more and see the country as it goes, beginning from tomorrow!
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geminus - 2010-11-20 15:45
Panie Pawle. Odnosze wrazenie ze leiej panu wychodzi pisanie po angielsku jak po polsku . Prosze jednak nie zapominac ze to polskie forum podroznicze i odwiedza je sporo ludzi nie znajacych angielskiego. Pozdrawiam.
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