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Have a beer with a locals

Nambia, Grünau
Przejechano 848 km
I was planning on making it all the way to Grunau but I didn't quite make it so luckily there was a small farm on which I was able to camp. It was good fortune that the the person staying there let me sleep inside.
In Grunau there is not much happening and less things to see. So, as I was still tired after yesterday's long haul I decided to have a day off.
As there was nothing happening, I decided to have an early morning beer with some locals who were around and try to pick up what it is like to be an Namibian?
I still haven't got much of an idea though! I did take the opportunity to catch up with my diary and just think about my trip.
Like I have no time to think when every day for 10 hours I'm just sitting on the bike and cycling hey!!??
So I was thinking...the two main reasons why I was initially so much in a hurry was this; the first was the approaching of summer which on the desert is not at all nice; and the secend one was more important. My plan was to catch up with
Somewhere along the way I have lost interest in that so my journey continues and it will continue to evolve at it's own pace with it's own life as I breathe new breathe each day...

This afternoon once i got on the road again, there was a really big sandstorm with strong winds and a lot of dust everywhere. When it arrived I quickly left the road and had to make up a camp where I could. The "somewhere" was just next to the road. Why? Of course there are fences everyvere!
I am mindful of a conversation with one of the locals who was said. "Before the white man came we could go everywhere. Now we can't because of the fences!".
I am finding out about this reality in Namibia for myself, hey?

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