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Republika Południowej Afryki
Republika Południowej Afryki, Cape Agulhas
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As a introduction I will quote William Harrison from the book "Burton & Speke"

"All African cities are prisons into which you enter by your own will and leave by another's. I will go there, then return.
'Very brave' the thin secretary managed.
'It isn't a matter of bravery,' Burton said, raising a toast to the whole room. 'So let me say this to all gathered here tonight: In every corner of the world where fate drops him, a man must find a friend- or a beautiful woman, or, if lucky, both. In Africa, especially, shyness or pride or bravery or English phlegm won't work. You have to make friends fast. You have to walk up to a man, clasp his fist, talk- even if you don't understand each other- and make him your won."

This Chapter of my trip will be written in English, that every body can understand. Through up all my travels I have met a lot of people from many countries and none of them have been able to read my blog because Polish is not an international language, so in this section of my trip I will try to write in a more international style.

This trip will be mainly on the bike which has been sent for me from Poland by my parents.
I never thought that I would say it but I have been feeling a bit frustrated standing on the side of a road and not going anywere so I have decided to change my travel method. That is way I am now travelling by bike.
From Cape Town I am taking a test run to Cape Agulhas to check how things will go. From there I plan on travelling north through to Namibia. My intinerary will be open like always!
Internet access in Africa is scare and quite expensive. I will try whenever I will be able to update the blog but it might be difficult.

About the trip:
Africa is, as far as I am concerned, the most difficult continent to travel through besides Antarctica. It is not only wild animals you have to be aware of, it is humans who are the worst predators!
The idea is to not have much equipment with me. Budda said that "If you don't have much you are not afraid to lose it". I will not be speaking about my camera to anyone!!!
'Travel light' is a good piece of advice in this country!
I'm sending most of my things to Poland. Travelling only with my smal backpack, bike and some nessesery things. I will have the absolute minimum. If I will need something I will buy it or make it with local materials.
Throughout my preparations in Cape Town I have had the feeling that it's not going to be an easy trip. Although, at the same time I have the thrill and excitement of the unknown before me- something like I felt before I undertook my journey down the Ganges. It is a feeling that makes me contemplate my existence and feel totally alive! I might be scared but I am still driven to see what is behind the next "hill".

All of my travels to date have prepared me for this moment. I feel ready. Ready for Africa!

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Komentarze (4)
aploch - 2010-11-09 21:10
I am suprised my Brother but must admit your english is much, much better than our mother language! I wish you all the best and keep biking :)
gosiaszepielow - 2010-11-10 14:46
I am also impressed - by your english, your style and your new plans!
All the best My Friend, wherever road leads you! :-)
Emil - 2010-11-14 00:45
I'm indignant at that you're not going to be at Sylwia's wedding! ...but you're justified:p Hope that you're fine and wish you good luck!:)
TO - 2010-12-02 14:39
i like "I might be scared but I am still driven to see what is behind the next "hill", that would be a very good title for your book!
good to hear that you are still alive actually, my big departure is tomorrow!!
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