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Long ride around to tourist capital.

Botswana, Maun
Przejechano 4605 km

With the wind on my back, a few showers and three full days of cycling I have finally arrived in Moun. On my way I met the friendly retired couple from Switzerland once again, driving their car south this time.
I got to town quite early. Just in time to grab a few fat cakes with meat and find an internet service. All of a sudden a big storm began to approach, announcing it's presence with sudden thunders and blows of wind spewing out a lot of sand and trash.
I was lucky that an elderly woman from the cyber cafe started talking with me and invited me to her place for a night.
The word lucky mightn't be the correct one because when I was following her cab in my bike, all hell broke loose and all the water in the sky seemed to come down at once. I looked like a real crazy man on that bike!! Cycling in a in downpour on the road with thunder and lightning just a few metres from me! In hope of a "dry night!!" I hoped!!!
Hee hee! Mary the eldery women apears to be a bit eccentric. She rents two small rooms in an african style square "garage".
She told me later that she was laughing with her taxi driver that I would probably think that she is living like an average white person in Africa!
Hee hee! I must admit that I did hope that too!!!
I took a shower in the rain and under the tap outside. I washed my clothes in a bucket, and I cooked my dinner on a cup and fuel stove with Mary. Sharing our food and laughing out loud about ours stories!!!
She is an interesting person. Having no support from her family in the USA, she went to Africa where with her 800 USD social support payments she can survive. Living with locals with AIDS and supporting their families in exchange for their returned care when she needs it.
It is quite interesting how an old and slightly physically disabled person is handling her normal day to day life with depression at her side. And all this in Africa!

So, during my time here I hoped to get things done in Moun quite fast but because it was a weekend I had to stay all 3 days.
For my bicycle, I was looking for some pedals wheel bearings.
I also had to update my blog (with the help of my wonderful friend Emily dutifully editing my text in her spare time after working all day, caring for her three children and living a fun filled life in between!) hehehe...
The city is big, and even has quite an interesting night life.
I got some new toys... finally I got to have a camelbag- homemade, and I got to fix a few other things getting worn out.
At the moment everything is running fine so my attitude is really positive!

As I was keen to get on my way to Zambia I began really pushing to go, so as soon as I was ready I went further.
Now I have around 600 km to travel until I reach the Kasane and Zambian borders. From Nata to Kasane I will have quite a bit of real wilderness with the possibility of seeing Elephants and "all that jam".....
I hope I will make it in one piece!!!

That is it for now!! I hope you are all enjoying the journey with me!!??
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sypkarola - 2011-02-01 12:50
Good spirit and great shots;;-) Pawel- you rock!!! GOOD LUCK!
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