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Getting some good advice

Zambia, Solwezi
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So I made it through the Kafue National Park without any problems with one stop over in a Ranger's camp. Funny things were happening there!
As I came there in the evening only women were around. Later on the men all arrived, park rangers - most of them drunk.
Later in the evening we heard some gun shots fired further out in the bush and some of them got irritated and started shouting to the poachers in the bush.
All this was pretty comical. Drunken park rangers with their old rifles shouting in the dark at poachers and insulting them, and the poachers shouting insults in response but none of them wanted to actually meet each other.
The Park Rangers were too drunk to really chase the poachers. The poachers probably from the local village knew that the rangers were drunk.
hi hi. This is how the wildlife conservation parks run in Zambia!
My hosts were all really nice even though they were a bit drunk, and they shared with me a bit of their dinner which was of course bushmeat, probably also killed illegally!!
The next day in the morning I went off north along a dirt road on an 80 km strech of "tse tse faly terytory" untill I reached another site.
No elephants to be seen or lions either, although I did see fresh tracks from these big mammals.
I got to Kasempa later that day in a constant shower and had something to eat and found a safe place to pitch a tent.
The Catholic church staff weren't welcoming so as I was cycling in the dark to find a camp spot, I met some people siting next to a fire and they were kind enough to let me stay there for the night.
Kasmepa looks like a typical "end of the road" setlement. With chaotic urban architecture and muddy roads full of potholes in the middle. A small market with locals staring at me with me and vice versa, but I managed to take a photo!!! hi hi

Solawesi was just another place similar to all the others I have passe through. One of the reasons why I decided to go so close to the DRC border was to find some people who had been travelling through that country. And so it was, just on the outskirts of the town in a rather prominantly placed pub with girls in it. I met a few white blokes who were working in the local mining industry chilling out after work with a beer. They were full of knowledge and even connected me up with an old fellow who had been living there for a long time. When I met this guy Charley, an expat with a gray bird and kind eyes, I knew that I couldn't get a better source for local conditions.
He had been in the Congo several times and knows the reality over there.
He strongly advised me to avoid travelling in this part of Africa, describing it as an "unwise move".
Men with weapons, local bureaucrats, people who just see white men and come up with ways to screw you for more money.
Further on than Lubumbashy, the road conditions would be really rough, or not existing at all. So after this short briefing about the country I was planning to visit, I decided to think about it more carefully and changed plans to proceed to Chingola where I could stay with my polish friend in Don Bosko missionary school and reorganize my future plans.
In Solawesi I also met another person, an ex-Zimbabwian white farmer with his wife who let me stay at their place for a while, so I had a day off camping with their hospitality.
The next day I proceeded to ride one big stretch of road to Chingola (170km)
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